Darcy Shah-Ashworth

Ai 100

Ai 100, a brief set by the RSA Student Design Awards, in partnership with Philips.
Using artificial intellegence to support people to reach a happy, meaningful and productive one hundred year life.

GRIPSMART technology is designed specifically for the sufferers of Multiple Sclerosis, focusing on those who suffer with fatigue. This is a grip designed to be placed round the house ie. the kettle, the stairs, the door handle and in the shower. It’s durable, flexible and waterproof. It tracks pressure grip and heart-rate to collate warning signals of fatigue, sending signals to a central hub tailored to the sufferer. With the available option of a personalised voice for the comfort of a loved one telling you to take a break. The hub is designed to be linked to an emergency contact and to an on call doctors. Keeping them safe and others around them alert. Gripsmart, making a better tomorrow.