Darcy Shah-Ashworth


ʻChillJamʼ is the inspired mash up of CBD infused jam. Aimed at millennialʼs, my intent behind the design was to be bright and colourful. In this fast-paced world we live in, itʼs gotta take something so tasteful to catch the eyes of the youth. Behold: ChillJam, your not so average jam.
The exaggerated CBD leaves coupled with the tasty strawberries really capture the new with the traditional. Strawberry jam has been around for centuries, but this isnʼt exactly the jam youʼd find in your grandmaʼs cupboard! The name was derived from one of the many effects of CBD oil, as it can help to reduce anxiety and ʻchillʼ the brain out. And so, ChillJam really integrates into this modern, crazy society.

ChillJam, your not so average jam. Coming to stores near you…