Darcy Shah-Ashworth

Get Lippy

Get Lippy. A D&AD brief sponsered by Teen Vogue and The Case for Her.
Challenging people to break the stigma against women's sexual pleasure through a branded content piece.

In this modern day and age, sex is mentioned in almost every Hollywood film from a man’s heteronormative perspective. Male masturbation is ‘normal’ and no heads turn when it’s shown or portrayed in the media… BUT, when women masturbate and talk about enjoying their own sexual pleasure, outrageous! Teen Vogue and The Case for Her, are here challenging the norm, breaking the stigma and celebrating women’s self-initiating sexual pleasure.

Here with the ‘Get Lippy’ Podcast, no topic is off limits, join the conversation and take on the world, one sexy step at a time. Although aimed at girls, non-binary and those who identify as female, this podcast is for everyone of ALL ages, ALL genders and sexualities, to learn, to educate and to empower those on their pleasure journey.